How to get started!

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How to get started!

Post  Subject134127 on Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:43 am

Hi there! Welcome to our forum (you should have read that about three times already)!

This thread is here to explain the structure of the site, basically just where you can find everything, other guides about other stuff like how to set up a good idea thread, or how to think of a story may be posted here later on, so check back regularly!

News & Announcements

if we have anything important to share with you, we'll do it here!


If you want to be a moderator, website creator, maybe even part time video editor (for small intro videos and/or videos to explain what we're doing on youtube), anything that involves that you want to be part of the team that runs this, ask it here!

Community category

All the fun stuff is here, introduce yourself, play forum games, talk about games, talk about things that are not games, the possibilities are endless!

Creation category

This is what the site is all about. there are several sections for different game types, where people can post their ideas. you just go to the section which applies to your type of game, and create a thread, or respond to other ideas with constructive criticism. praising and stuff can be done in the special community section of it though. (Creation talk)

Developer category

The area where developers can post progress on their games, reply to members and that sort of interesting stuff.

Artist area

Are you good at playing an instrument or making other art? share it here! like a community forum based around creativity!

Hall of Fame

just as it says, the section for ideas that have been developed, the fruits from this tree.

That's pretty much it. if you have an idea for a new forum which i might have forgotten, or what i could do better, feel free to contact me (i have run only one starcraft forum in the past)

Have fun,

-- Subject134127
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