Basic guidelines to posting an idea.

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Basic guidelines to posting an idea.

Post  Subject134127 on Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:40 am

This post is here to present you with some shiny rules and tips to make your idea thread a comprehensible and epic one. You must be extremely thrilled and excited now, so let's start shall we?


Your thread of course starts with a title, it's the first thing people see! Therefore, make your title comprehensible and informative!
I suggest using these codes at the beginning of your Title to show us how far you are with your idea, and what you have included:

[G]=Gameplay Idea
[S]=Storyline Idea
[C]=Complete Idea (Gameplay AND story)

this forum mainly focuses on the GAMEPLAY ideas, but it would be silly if we don't acknowledge the fact that the story is basically half the game.

Furthermore, you can add a + when you are very detailed. for example:

a gameplay idea enriched with formulas to determine damage dealt, acceleration speed, whatever. numbers numbers and numbers are good.

a storyline idea enriched with cinematics scripts

a "Complete" Idea can have one plus if one aspect is very detailed, and two if both aspects are detailed.

you can put a - after an S or G to show you're still busy with it, for example [G+S-] means very detailed gameplay and a story under construction

Finally, you can add an asterisk (*) if you have any additional stuff added, for example your own music written for the game, character designs, backgrounds, 3D models, anything artistic of your own.

Once you have that settled, work on the actual title.

it's may seem a no-brainer, but i'm still going to warn you: don't even think of the title "Most Aweshumest Idea Evar". it is quite exactly the opposite of how it should be done:

  • Begin your title with a name you thought up for the game, if you thought up a name.
  • After that, describe why the idea is special, very briefly. like Completely 3D RTS! or Extreme Customization! or Player-Controlled NPCs in FPS!

Don't add anything else. people will click the link so they'll read what's in your idea anyway, they don't need the title anymore.


So, people are in your thread! now they don't want to see a big mess of words and grammar/spelling mistakes! This is how you make people read your idea as well!

  1. Good structure

    You've probably been tortured with this at school, but it is a great way to improve the readability.
    Make an Introduction and a conclusion, make headlines, paragraphs, lists, columns, prevent that it becomes one big slab of text!

  2. Good spelling

    Even if English isn't your native language (I am one of that group) try to check your spelling as good as possible! There are people that get infuriated by bad use of the words your and you're, then and than, there, their, and they're and more of that stuff, but mainly it makes you look unprofessional, which is bad. Better english and less internetenglish is obviously good.

  3. Simple words

    A bit of a continuation on the previous one, simple words aren't only easier to write, but also easier to read for people from other countries. Antidisestablishmentarianism should better not be used.

  4. Little acronyms

    Try to limit how many abbreviations you use. write as far as i know instead of AFAIK, no OMGWTF unless used in a humorous characterization etc. (yes, that is an abbreviation, but it's only one, so it's not like the entire text is riddled with them is it?)

  5. Images

    Pictures say more than a thousand words! try to explain difficult things with pictures rather than text!

And, that's about it! if you follow these few rules your idea will be a million times better with only a bit more effort!

Good luck on your ideas!

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