Subject134127 greets thee!

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Subject134127 greets thee!

Post  Subject134127 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:29 am

FINALLY. I have to be so professional in all my other posts, now i can be my good weirdo me! Very Happy

so yeah, I am Subject134127, administrator responsible for this entire thing. My real name is Bart (hence 13 4 12 7), I'm 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands (and no I don't smoke)

If you ever see me in off-topic, I'll probably either be planning to destroy the world, writing something making less sense than a duck on a pogostick counting to ten, or being generally weird in other ways.

Right now I'm busy with my exams and i think I'm going to study chemistry afterwards. (worst time ever to start a forum probably, I just couldn't bear keeping these ideas in my head anymore, and now it has time to grow until I have to put some real effort into it.

I've been playing games since practically my childhood. Playing tetris blockout on my 4th and that sort of stuff. Now i'm into lots of genres, I equally like FPS as RTS as racing games as Guitar Hero. Though i like gaming alot,I'm not very good at it xD. i'm probably the best at guitarhero, i play expert and can pass most songs with 95%.

I also play the piano. I'm busy with my ninth year of lessons now, so i'm pretty good, but if i had more discipline i would be alot better xD I got my first musical keyboard when i was 2 so when i immediately played father jacob on it my destiny was settled xD.

That's all you need to need to know about me Twisted Evil
Powerhazzer Maximus.
Powerhazzer Maximus.

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Re: Subject134127 greets thee!

Post  DG on Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:11 am

I expect to have battles with you in off-topic that I cannot win because you come up with something that will defy the laws of physics.

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